London weather: Cold snap and icy winds will make capital feel sub-zero later this month

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  • January 14, 2023
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ondon is set to plunge into a cold snap next week with icy winds making it feel like sub-zero during the day, the Met Office has warned.

Forecasters have said “wintery hazards” are set to come to the capital after a fortnight of weather which has been “exceptionally mild” in places compared to January averages.

There is a chance of snow in parts of the South East – but not London – into Tuesday morning with the temperatures not predicted to be above 5C all of next week until January 20. However, strong winds and a have of icy rain or sleet could make it feel like it is a sub-zero day for anyone out in the capital.

Grahame Madge, a Met Office spokesman, said on Friday: “We have got a transition coming and cooler conditions as well as heavy rain working its way from west to east into England and Wales. It will turn colder with a northerly airflow bringing wintery hazards.

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“Monday into Tuesday, we could see temperatures drop down further. There is a chance of showers but for London, ice and frost will be the main wintery hazard.”

“It is nothing extreme for January…This is more of a reminder that it is winter but it is not a Beast from the East scenario,” he said about the 2018 storm which wreaked havoc in the UK.

“January has been mild and exceptionally mild for some areas.”

Mr Madge said the “strong northerly airflow” in the middle of next week will “make it feel cooler than it already is”.

There is not forecast to be a repeat of the pre-Christmas snow


Bright skies and highs of 11C are making Friday a pleasant winter’s day in the capital and while Saturday is set to be a wetter affair, it will not be cold, with peaks of 12C.

Sunday will be something of a transition with maximum temperatures of 8C before the new week begins with a cold new dawn with Londoners set to wake up to a chilly 2C.

The Met Office outlook for the beginning of the week states: “[It will be] turning colder with sunshine and isolated but increasingly wintry showers through the following days. Some frosty nights developing.”

Indeed, Wednesday will likely bottom out at 0C while Thursday will not be much warmer, according to the forecast, with highs of 5C. Tuesday morning is the only time when snowfall is possible, although this is more likely to be felt in higher areas such as Chiltern Hills rather than in warmer and lower areas such as Greater London itself.


The unseasonable warmth has brought a bonus to some Londoners who have not needed to heat their homes as extensively as feared – which has been a welcome boost for those who are needing to save on energy.

However, in the likelihood that temperatures drop – more Londoners will need to be reaching for the thermostat. The government will give householders a £25 payment if the average temperature in your area is recorded as, or forecast to be, 0C or below over seven consecutive days.