What the papers say – April 20

What the papers say – April 20 thumbnail


he cost of living crisis dominated the front pages across the UK on Thursday as inflation numbers held stubborn.

The reports the UK could face a 5% increase in interest rates after failing to curb inflation rates, which sit at 10.1%.

The Daily Mirror says the cost-of-living crisis is worsening with some food prices rising seven times faster than wages.

Double digit inflation offers little hope for an end to cost of living crisis with food prices still soaring and fears over pay demands, according to the Financial Times.

An MP said the “penny must drop” as Russian ships with armed guards are allegedly monitoring wind farms and gas pipelines off UK shores, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The Times reports judges may lose power to block migrant deportation flights as Tory rebels win concessions from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak over Rwanda deportations.

The Daily Mail says a foreign rapist is still living in the UK three years after Sir Keir Starmer opposed his deportation.

Two MPs from the opposing sides of politics have united to call for joint action to protect women’s rights, the Daily Express reports.

Pro-Russian hackers are trying to destroy critical services over the UK’s support of Ukraine, according to the Metro.

And the Daily Star led with the flat earther who proved the earth is not flat in a costly experiment.