UK heatwave LIVE: Temperature set to soar to 37C as Brits brace for hotter day than in Caribbean

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  • August 7, 2020
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UK heatwave LIVE: Temperature set to soar to 37C as Brits brace for hotter day than in Caribbean thumbnail

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Britons are braced for scorching temperatures with the mercury set to hit 37C, making much of the south hotter than the Caribbean.

Friday is expected to be one of the hottest days ever in Britain, with forecasters saying there is a chance it could break the record of 38.7C recorded at Cambridge University Botanic Garden on July 25 last year.

The Met Office has issued a hot weather alert, warning people not to get “caught out” by the sudden rise in temperatures. It has asked people in the South East to close curtains in rooms facing the sun, drink plenty of fluids, avoid excess alcohol, dress appropriately and “slow down when it is hot”.

Although temperatures will begin to cool from Saturday, the five-day heatwave is expected to continue, with temperatures above 35C predicted for three days in a row – something that has only happened three times in history.

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Health expert warns about dangers of heat if more is not done to curtail climate change:

A health expert has warned that the UK’s rising temperatures, with Friday forecast to be the hottest day so far this year, will make it “highly dangerous” for people to be outside if more is not done to curtail climate change.

Ilan Kelman, Professor of Disasters and Health at University College London, said:

These temperatures are unfortunately in line with the expectations for heat under climate change, which is one of the most concerning health impacts.

Without stopping human-caused climate change, these levels of summer heat and humidity will become regular, making it highly dangerous for us to be outdoors and even indoors without continual cooling.

Air pollution can also worsen under heat with its knock-on health effects, such as for cancer and asthma.

Irrespective of urban heat islands and natural climate variabilities, the human signal in climate change is showing in these heat patterns.


A warning from Kent Police to protect your pets during the heat:


And the memes start dropping…


Friends Maisie Jestico and Isabelle Greeno enjoy the hot weather in Regents Park:


Here’s everything you need to know about the UK’s temperature records:

When will the UK heatwave return and how long will it last?

Parts of the UK can expect scorchingly hot weather this week, with temperatures reaching 36C according to the latest forecasts.

Meanwhile in the rest of Europe, sweltering heat has led several cities in Italy to go on “red alert”, with record temperatures in Spain. 


Early birds catching the first rays of sun with a dip in the Serpentine:


The City at sunrise this morning from Waterloo Bridge:


Here’s a look at the latest Met Office forecast:


The sunrises in London as the capital braces for 37C heat later today:


Warning to motorists:

Motorists looking to travel to seaside locations have been urged to ensure cooling systems are filled to the correct level, to look at the coolant date and to not overload their vehicle with luggage.

Breakdown experts Green Flag has predicted just under 127,000 breakdowns to occur between Friday and Wednesday, which translates to 15 breakdowns every minute.


Advice for Elderly people in hot weather: 

Elderly people are among the most vulnerable to hot weather, with advice telling them to contact neighbours if they are living alone, to try to stay indoors during the afternoon and to carry a bottle of water when out.

Caroline Abrahams, charity director at Age UK, said:

We want older people to continue to enjoy the warm weather but, if it becomes uncomfortably hot, we advise some sensible precautions, particularly for anyone who has breathing problems or a heart condition.

It’s a good idea to remain indoors during the worst of the heat during the day. It’s also advised to wear thin, light clothing, drink plenty of fluids and to eat normally, but perhaps more cold food than usual, particularly salads and fruit which contain a lot of water and help us stay hydrated.

We know that extreme heat can aggravate lung and heart conditions so our advice is to take care and if you are breathless, even after you have rested, to seek medical advice.


Public Health England warning:

Public Health England (PHE) has issued a heat-health warning, with people advised to stay cool indoors by closing curtains that face the sun and ensuring pets or children are not kept in vehicles.

Ishani Kar-Purkayastha, consultant in public health at Public Health England, said:

This summer, many of us are spending more time at home due to Covid-19. A lot of homes can overheat, so it’s important we continue to check on older people and those with underlying health conditions, particularly if they’re living alone and may be socially isolated.


The heatwave kicks of with a staggering 37C:

Sunbathers to sizzle in 37C heatwave on one of hottest days ever

The UK could see near record-breaking temperatures on Friday, with forecasters expecting it to be one of the hottest days ever recorded.

People are being warned not to get “caught out” by soaring temperatures, as the country will be hotter than some of Europe’s top holiday destinations, including Ibiza and Tenerife.

The mercury is set to rise to at least 37C (98.6F) in London and the South East today, on the second day of a heatwave that could last into next week.