Tube driver explains exactly how she gets home after trains stop running

Tube driver explains exactly how she gets home after trains stop running thumbnail

Have you ever wondered how Tube drivers manage to get home after the services have come to an end? 

Well, one Transport for London (TfL) driver has the answer.

Sarah Russell, who drives trains on the Bakerloo Line, explained how her shifts work on her TikTok channel @traindriversarah

When it comes to travelling back home at the end of her shift, it’s actually pretty straightforward. 

She told viewers that there are two depots on the Bakerloo Line – one at Queen’s Park and one at Elephant and Castle – and every driver has a ‘home’ depot where they start and finish work.

Sarah began: ‘I am a driver that’s at Elephant and Castle, late at night all of our drivers will finish down south because that’s where out depot is.

‘We don’t really finish at Queen’s Park.’

While she says there are some duties that finish at Queen’s Park, these are only within travelling time – when Tubes are still operating. 

She continues: ‘For every depot you have travelling time, so if you finish at the other end of the line, you need to be able to get back in time to get home. 

‘I will never finish at Queen’s Park at midnight or 1am because that wouldn’t be enough time to get to the other end of the line without getting a staff taxi.’

Clarifying it further in the comments, she confirmed if she finishes her shift at Queen’s Park, she’ll always have enough time to get one of the last trains back to the other depot in Elephant and Castle. 

One user commented that they’d seen a lot of train drivers getting black cabs home, which Sarah confirms she does.

‘Yeah we do from our own depots,’ she replied, meaning she’ll get a black cab, aka a ‘work taxi’ back if Tubes are no longer operating. 

Someone else remarked: ‘National Rail crews on my patch often have to travel in staff taxis to get to places.

‘Clapham Yard to/from Waterloo is a good example.’

Sarah often shares things about her job on her TikTok, with videos explaining everything from how to become a Tube driver and dealing with angry people at stations. 

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