Try this immersive cinema experience where you eat what’s on screen

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  • April 28, 2023
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‘Daddy, you need your vitamin C,’ says Alicia Silverstone’s Cher, brandishing a glass of orange juice at her long-suffering dad.

And, as if by magic, a similar looking glass of OJ appears on our table. Only this is the fun version: a Tequila Sunrise (there’s some OJ in it, okay?) along with a cute shot of vitamin c (street name: grenadine).

I’ve just arrived at a screening of the iconic 90s film Clueless – only this is no ordinary cinema experience.

There’s no stale popcorn or fake-cheese nachos to be had at a Taste Film movie screening – instead, you eat along with the characters in the film.

During her P.E class, when Cher talks of the peanut M&Ms she devoured the night before, our very own are waiting on the table.

And, when Cher and her friends play the iconic suck and blow game, our own edible playing cards are presented.

But it’s not just gimmick sweets and treats: Clueless might be a cult comedy, but this was a serious menu.

As we watch Cher, Josh (swoon) and her long-suffering dad eat asparagus around the dinner table, we’re treated to steamed asparagus with hollandaise sauce and crumbled bacon.

A mouth-watering chicken ballotine with CBD infused chive beurre blanc appears with a flurry when Cher confesses, ‘I’m baked.’

And as Britney Murphy’s Tai snacks on a pretzel and reveals how her preference is ‘anti-crooked’, we’re served our own cinnamon pretzel.

You’ve probably seen TasteFilm pop up on your fyp page on TikTok. Compared to the likes of Secret Cinema and Backyard Cinema, it’s not as OTT.

The Clueless screening is taking place at The Refinery, City Point, and aside from the yellow chequered menus and a fake cassette tape insert for Rollin With The Homies, there isn’t a lot in the way of on theme decor.

But that doesn’t take away from the fun vibes – or the delicious menu, which includes five food courses and two drinks.

And while the food may not be the main character in Clueless, I’m intrigued by the other films on the TasteFilm schedule.

For Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, I learn that guests started with a cheddar and cabbage soup – just like Charlie’s Grandpa – and when Violet turns into a blueberry, it’s time to tuck into a blueberry tart. That’s not to mention all the chocolate, of course.

Earlier this year, those who went to watch Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone enjoyed a chicken drumstick feast as the Gryffindor gang chowed down in the Great Hall, and as Harry showed off his Quidditch talent, an edible ‘golden snitch’ (also known as gilded cheese and biscuits) appeared on tables. And of course, it was all washed down with lots of Butterbeer and chocolate frogs

Coming up in the summer, they’re showing Bridesmaids, Step Brothers and Grease.

So if you’re bored of bottomless brunches and ‘activity’ bars, I’d highly recommend a trip to TasteFilm. And at £75 a ticket, for all that food and a few cocktails thrown in, it’s pretty good value too.

To book tickets to TasteFilm visit their website.

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