This kitchen cupboard leads to a secret back door and people are amazed

This kitchen cupboard leads to a secret back door and people are amazed thumbnail

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London properties often surprise people (usually because they’re so tiny), but one flat has been amazing people for an unusual reason.

Actor James Wilkes filmed a video of the apartment, walking into the kitchen where a nondescript counter can be lifted up.

But underneath it lies the surprise – a whole staircase and back door.

The hidden feature wowed thousands on Twitter, where James shared the clip.

The actor, who recently starred in hit drama His Dark Materials, was in awe.

He posted on his Twitter: ‘Viewed a flat today and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop thinking about the back door.’

Others couldn’t believe it either. Model Chrissy Teigan, who often comments on viral videos, wrote: ‘Ahhhhhhhhhh I hate it and love it????????

‘But I hate it so much. But LOVE. So stupid?? It is genius.’

Some viewers thought the concealed doorway was a cool feature. One person wrote: ‘I would LOVE to have a secret passage back door’.

Another said: ‘That is so cool!! RIP to anything left on the bench if someone comes up those stairs.’

A third added: ‘I LOVE IT!!! If I was a kid, and that was my kitchen, I would be living the dream.’

A few people pointed out that the secret back door would be quite practical.

‘Emptying the bins would be so so easy though,’ said one person, while another joked it would be convenient for drug dealers.

One person quipped: ‘Okay but how fun would it be crawling through that cupboard at 3am absolutely hammered?’

Some people, however, were undecided, saying: ‘I can’t decide whether that’s super creepy or super cool.’

Others were sure it’s creepy, saying: ‘This gives me the heebijeebies,’ and ‘it screams horror film vibes’.

While unusual, the flat is not uncommon.

Another Twitter user showed off a concealed entrance in the kitchen. Once you open the cupboard doors, you’re led to the basement instead of a back door.

One poster also commented that a property in Walthamstow had the same thing – leading into a back door, but from the bathroom.

We can imagine that being very awkward.

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