The warning of a Spanish nurse in London: “We are worse than in the first wave”

Covid-19 test booth in a London hospital.EFE The Joined together Kingdom is the European nation most influenced by the coronavirus widespread and right presently it is the initiate of the third wave of Covid-19 .

That’s why notices that come from the British Isles charge additional intrigued. And a caution is what Belén Montoro, a Spanish nurture based in London, does. In discussion with the BBC , Montoro reflects: “In the event that we truly can’t bargain with the circumstance presently, what are we attending to do in two weeks? The truth is that it worries me, it stresses me a lot.”

Recollections of the primary wave

“The recollections of the primary wave come and now and then they capture me a bit, they make me have a difficult time,” he says. “It seems that presently I am much more mindful of what we lived within the to begin with wave,” he says. “I feel that we are already in a really, exceptionally awful time .

Presently the numbers of contaminated are exceptionally tall, which implies that in a week or two that will be reflected within the ICU,” he cautions. “In the ICU, patients are exceptionally unsteady and require a part of care.

Mayor of London in twitter

Sadiq Khan

Grieving Londoners already know the unbearable cost of this virus. Our NHS knows the cost of this virus. We all have a role in stopping it. Please – stay at home.

—Mayor of London