Shoplifter leaves newsagent £10 and apology note for stealing ice cream

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  • June 4, 2023
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A newsagent is the ‘happiest person in the world’ after a shoplifter left an apology note and £10 to pay for what he stole.

Halil Kurt owns two shops in Crouch End, north London, which are popular with pupils at a nearby school.

Mr Kurt was stood outside the branch of Londis he runs last month when he saw someone walk into his other shop, Weston Off Licence, four doors down.

When he went to see if the shopper needed any help, he had gone – but a note was left on the counter.

Inside he found an anonymous note containing £10 and a heartfelt apology for stealing ice cream many years ago when he was ‘significantly younger’.

Mr Kurt, a dad of three, said: ‘It was quite emotional.

As I read the letter I was just like happy, that kind of thing.

‘It made me happy that someone is still doing what’s supposed to be done even though they made a mistake in the past.

‘I felt real emotion. It was something that I wasn’t expecting.

‘All these students come into my shop every day and I’m always friendly with them.

‘I give them sweets sometimes if they don’t have money. I’m like an uncle but they have to follow the rules.

‘If people do something like this and they pay it back I am the happiest person in the world.’

The note said: ‘Years ago, when I was significantly younger, I took some ice cream from your store.

‘I am writing this letter to apologise for my actions of shoplifting from your store.

‘I want to take full responsibility for my actions and I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience that I have caused.

‘I want to assure you that I will never shoplift again and that I have learned my lesson.

‘I have enclosed £10 to compensate for my actions and the goods that I took.

‘I hope you can forgive me sincerely.’

Mr Kurt looked at his CCTV footage and saw it was a student who left the letter – but didn’t know if it had been delivered on behalf of someone else.

David Winskill, who lives nearby, said: ‘It’s clear that this has been playing on the mind of someone, possibly for decades.

‘The sense of relief they are feeling is wonderful.

‘It’s really brought a lot of joy to people who have heard about this in that having a conscience still exists in a lot of people.’

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