School coaches to be laid on to limit risk of infection as pupils return in September

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  • July 2, 2020
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Coaches are to be laid on for pupils to return to school in September so they do not have to take public transport, a minister said today.

The Government is seeking to limit the number of people using the Tube, trains and buses given their limited capacity due to social distancing rules.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson was today unveiling details of how all pupils will be able to return to school in September .

Before his statement to the Commons, local government minister Simon Clarke explained some of the steps which will be taken to ensure pupils can get safely to and from school.

He told Sky News : “Capacity on public transport is very constrained…it’s down to about somewhere between a fifth and a third because of the social distancing requirements.

“We obviously will be working with councils and schools to make sure that coaches are made available..that’s the best way I think of ensuring that they are not putting pressure on mainstream public transport.”

Secretary of State for Education Gavin Williamson (PA)

More pupils will also be encouraged to walk to school, he added.

The size of “bubbles” in primary schools is expected to be lifted from 15 to around 30, according to reports.

Gavin Williamson: advice on schools fully reopening

In secondary schools, the “bubble” could be the whole year group.

Break times could be staggered to avoid mixing between bubbles.

Mr Williamson was making the announcement for getting all pupils back after the summer following up to six months at home – on the same day schools in Leicester close again as part of the city’s lockdown extension.