Sanitary towels and hair extensions among piles of rubbish dumped near school

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  • April 28, 2023
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Sanitary towels and hair extensions among piles of rubbish dumped near school thumbnail

Broken furniture and sanitary towels are just some of the items dumped outside a south London school.

Pictures show broken cabinets, ripped waste bags and mounds of litter in the small alleyway, with half-eaten takeaways on top.

A mouldy pizza can also be seen next to a split bag of Cheerios, dirty blankets, Budweiser bottles and hair extensions.

The principal at Harris Professional Skills Sixth Form in South Norwood said he reported the fly-tipping to the council, but when the site was cleared rubbish reappeared again.

The land is privately owned so not under Croydon Council’s responsibility to clean, but environmental health issues do come under the its remit.

Principal Andrew Barr said: ‘Harris Professional Skills opened in September 2018. Since then the academy has experienced persistent problems with fly-tipping and general rubbish accumulating close to the academy.

‘We contact the council about this frequently but as soon as the rubbish is taken away more accumulates practically overnight. Apart from being an eyesore, the health and safety implications for both staff and students is of a major concern.

‘The rubbish accumulation in this area and others in South Norwood needs addressing as it negatively impacts on the residents and visitors to the area.’

An angry local said on Facebook: ‘How can you really solve the problem in that area? We report it to be cleaned and cleared – cleared for two months and come back again. I find it a disgrace – sanitary napkins, food waste, hair extensions etc. I almost puke.’

Other residents have called for CCTV to be installed in the area.

They wrote: ‘The council absolutely needs to be far more proactive on this issue. There are hotspots all over South Norwood.

‘Find the handful of people who do this and ruin the area for the rest of us and punish them.’

A spokesperson for Croydon Council said: ‘The council is aware of this ongoing issue with fly-tipping, however this location is private land, and thus keeping it clean is the responsibility of the landowner.

‘We have reached out to the landowner today to remind them of their duty to keep the space clean, and have offered to work in partnership to help facilitate a long-term solution.’

Another London suburb was recently rocked by one of the worst cases of fly-tipping ever seen.

The problem is so bad Labour will force fly-tippers to clean up their own mess in ‘squads’ if they win the next general election.

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