Police pelted with canisters and bottles in footage from illegal party in Hackney

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  • July 19, 2020
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The Metropolitan Police has released bodycam footage from officers who were struck by flying objects as they shut down an illegal street party in London in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The video shows several bottles and canisters being flung at the officers and the sound of glass smashing around them can be heard as they approached the mass gathering at the Woodberry Down estate in Finsbury Park.

Two officers were injured – one was taken to hospital with bruising to his ribs and later discharged, while the other suffered a minor leg injury.

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Lucy D’Orsi, the Met’s deputy assistant commissioner, said she wanted to share the footage and ask the question “could you or would you want to do their job?”

The police force was deployed to the estate following more than 30 calls from residents who “were scared to leave their homes” as up to 300 “youths were fighting and smashing up property” from 11pm on Friday night, she said.

She added: “It is always an anxious moment for us as we deploy our officers into such situations but I draw confidence from my knowledge of the outstanding training they receive.”

The gathering was cleared from the area at about 4am on Saturday.

The Met also released images of eight people suspected of being involved in the violence and disorder at the unlicensed block party.

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The force said detectives want to speak to the suspects as part of an ongoing investigation and said it will likely circulate further images.

Two males, aged 18 and 19, were arrested at the illegal party – one for violent disorder and obstruction and the latter for obstruction. Both remain in custody.

Illegal raves have proved a considerable problem for police forces across England during the easing of the coronavirus lockdown conditions.

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Police were trying to disperse crowds of more than 3,000 people at an unlicensed party at the former RAF Charmy Down airfield near Bath on Sunday morning, while Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said it had dismantled a planned illegal rave on Saturday.

GMP has set up a dedicated operation to monitor and tackle future events.

The force said: “These raves pose significant risks as previous events have demonstrated and we’re committed to working with our partners to prevent further raves from taking place.

“These events are unacceptable, they put lives at risk and they will not be tolerated.”