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don’t agree that the “clap for carers” has become politicised (Let’s stop clapping for the NHS, says woman who started the ritual, 22 May). It might have become an empty gesture for some, a tedious ritual for others, but for this elderly person staying safe in lockdown, it is a special moment that lights up each week. I look forward to seeing my neighbours, having some brief conversations and just feeling grateful we are all still there for each other – reasons enough to clap our hands in these uncertain times.

Susan Treagus


• Re the ancient description of the Church of England as “the Tory party at prayer” (Letters, 25 May), a more recent description of the clergy as “Guardian readers preaching to Mail readers” would be more accurate.

Ian Wells

West Lancashire

• The PM has announced a date for reopening non-essential shops. Who is prioritising the true essentials – the reopening of dentists, normal access to GPs, resumption of long-delayed elective surgery and the availability of public toilets?

Kate Gordon

Swaffham, Norfolk

• Biking around car-depleted streets in London on a gorgeous day. Eating my sarnies by a boat-free Thames at Putney, a small tug chugs by blasting Always Look on the Bright Side of Life on a loop. Made my week.

Paul Simpson

Leytonstone, London

• Oh the bliss of motorbike-free weekends and bank holidays – here in Wales it is only essential travel, and people here have been following government advice.

Helen Evans

Ruthin, Denbighshire