Piano at centre of St Pancras argy bargy is sealed off after Chinese TV row

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  • January 24, 2024
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Published Jan 24, 2024, 11:10am|Updated Jan 24, 2024, 7:09pm

A public piano at London St Pancras station has been sealed off following a clash between a YouTuber and Chinese tourists.

Brendan Kavanagh, who is known as Dr K on YouTube, sparked a row when the tourists came over to him and told him to stop filming them last Friday.

He has now said in an updated video: ‘The piano is now cordoned off and there’s two guards standing by. You can’t make this stuff up.’ 

The piano was donated by Sir Elton John and has his signature on it.

The original video starts with Dr K starting to play on the piano before he asks one of the tourists to dance along but she refuses.

He then remarks: ‘I think the British girls are more fun. All sorts of Japanese people here today. We’ve got the Chinese here too,’ before playing a song discriminatory towards Chinese people.

The group then noticed they were being filmed and approached the piano.

A woman asks: ‘We’re here for Chinese TV — did you film all of us in your cameras?’

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Kavanagh tells her he is filming a live stream and then she tells him to delete the footage because they didn’t give him permission to film them.

A man from the group approaches and says: ‘So basically, it would be much appreciated when whatever you’re doing that you don’t put our face on TV.’

Kavanagh responds: ‘So what will happen?’, to which the man replies: ‘Just don’t do it, please.’

The YouTuber then hits out and says: ‘We are not in Communist China now, are you in the Communist Party or something?’, to which the man responds: ‘Sorry this is racist now’.

The row then escalates as Kavanagh is accused of touching a woman’s leg and the man yells: ‘Stop touching her’.

Two British Transport Police officers then get involved and talk to both sides involved in the argument.

The male officer explains to the Chinese man: ‘You’re in a public place. If they’re filming they have a right. If they’re filming and you’re in a public place, your face could be on that video.’

A woman involved in the argument has taken to Chinese social media to share her side of the story.

She says they were there to film Chinese New Year’s greetings for a company, and due to a non-disclosure agreement they had signed none of the footage could be released ahead of time.

She said they were kept waiting for 40 minutes because Kavanagh was sat at the piano.

The group also say Kavanagh deliberately edited his footage to make the group seem more hysterical and him more sympathetic.

‘At this point we realised he was probably a content creator’ she said.

‘He only published the side he edited himself.

‘Later, the person in charge of Kings Cross station also found us and said this person is actually a regular visitor.

‘He has been asked to leave many times in the past and did not have a permit to film at the station for commercial reasons.’

‘If the police see him again, he will no longer be allowed in,’ she added.

A spokesperson for St Pancras and HS1 said: ‘Due to maintenance works in the main concourse of St. Pancras International Station, the Elton John Piano has been relocated a few metres outside of the cordoned off area and remains open for public use.

‘Once maintenance works are complete, the piano will be moved back to its usual position.’

A spokesperson for British Transport Police said: ‘We are aware of a video circulating on social media of a disagreement in St Pancras railway station on Friday 19 January. Officers on patrol came across the incident and the situation was deescalated.’

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