Mum slams ‘oblivious’ train commuters for not offering a seat to her son

Mum slams ‘oblivious’ train commuters for not offering a seat to her son thumbnail

A mum has blasted commuters in London for being ‘oblivious’ after her son was forced to sit on the floor of a packed train.

Annoyed that no one offered her ‘baby’ their seat, Kelly took to TikTok to air her grievances.

‘All these people watching my baby sit on the floor in the priority seats area,’ she wrote alongside a video showing the youngster on the Southern Rail train.

The mum shared the video on her page last week, and it has since picked up 2.7 million views.

The boy, who looks under the age of 12, can be seen squatting in the aisle with his back resting on one of the seats.

Meanwhile, passengers have filled up all the seats, scrolling on their phones and laptops.   

But Kelly’s attempts to shame the commuters went awry. Instead, TikTok users familiar with the rail system in London pointed out children are not entitled to priority seating.

Southern Railway dictates that people can apply for a priority seat card if they cannot stand up safely on the train.

This includes the elderly, disabled, pregnant or those travelling with a child under the age of three.

Nearly 2,000 people commented under the video, with the majority insisting that children should give up their seats for adults, who have paid full price, the Daily Mail reported.

One user wrote: ‘It is actually common courtesy and good manners for a child to give up their seat for an older person, well it was when I was a child.’

Another said: ‘Kids do not take priority seats. Disabled people, pregnant women, the elderly, or babies in arms.’  

A woman commented: ‘To be honest, I would be fuming if I got on a busy train after a long day at work and a small child was taking up a seat.’

Kelly has since made her profile on TikTok private, so the video is not available to be shared.

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