Metro gets among royal fans who’ve gathered to cheer on the new King and Queen

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  • May 6, 2023
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From union flag suits to replica crowns, Brits have turned out in their droves to celebrate the coronation of the new king and queen.

Royal fans have gathered in central London on The Mall and in nearby parks including Hyde Park and St James’s Park to watch the ceremony on big screens.

And Metro has headed to the midst of it all to speak to fans about why they’re there.

Despite views being blocked by a sea of umbrellas, people in the crowd stare up at the screen in Hyde Park concentrating on the coronation.

The occasional pop of Prosecco can be heard as friends sit on damp blankets watching the event, with many children using their parents shoulders to get a good view.

Although most people appear to be chatting, the sound of the Westminster Abbey choir can be heard throughout the park, meaning even those stood at the back of crowd feel they are there in person.

Andrew, from Chesterfield, told reporters: ‘It’s the pomp, the pageantry, and the UK. That’s what makes us great, I suppose, isn’t it?

‘We do it very well. Nobody else does it better.’

Joseph Morrow, from Durham, is 16 and travelled by coach for more than nine hours to get to the coronation.

Coronation of King Charles III latest

A self-described ‘royalist’, he said: ‘It’s part of our heritage and we should we proud of it.

‘I think I’m in the minority among people my age, I don’t know why support is in decline so much.

‘The majority don’t understand enough about it.’

Amy Thomas, from Twickenham, arrived in a spectacular suit covered in union flags.

The 40-year-old said: ‘I want to enjoy the event, it’s a twice-in-a-lifetime experience. You’ve got to go big or go home.’

Jonathan Ayling, from Guildford, was in competition with Amy for the most impressive suit, however, and was also covered in union flags.

‘We’re going to the pub after, we’re going to have a bit of a celebration,’ he said.

‘We‘ll take the kids and we’re absolutely going to enjoy the extra hours. Until 1am I believe, that’s if we’re still standing.’

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The issue of Megxit was of course on everyone’s lips today, with the noted absence of Meghan Markle and her children, with only Prince Harry in attendance.

Liz and Jenna, who travelled down to London from Hull yesterday, said: ‘We came down because it’s history, we couldn’t come for the funeral, and we wanted to have a royal experience.

‘I am glad Harry is here and I hope I get to meet him. I support what he did, because it’s his family at the end of the day.’

Evelyn Fox, who had travelled from Peckham with her daughter Patricia Jones Davis, told Metro: ‘Me and my daughter come for every royal occasion.

‘My daughter brought this outfit and told me not to eat so I could fit into it. We went to the Jubilee and the Queen’s funeral.

‘We love Harry and Meghan. We love all of them. There will be a reunion, it’s just family stuff.

‘I think it’s good that Meghan didn’t come because all the attention would have been on her and today isn’t about her.’

Jodie Perry referenced the cost of living crisis, which has left many critics of the monarchy unimpressed with the huge cost and pomp surrounding the coronation.

Heidi Porter, from Epsom, brought her dogs Coco and Peanut in a silver cross Balmoral pram, which she got out specially for today.

We’re predicting there will be lot of street parties…

She told reporters: ‘People are struggling so to see this whole show being put on… but then it is also bringing a lot of money into the country.’

‘We came to London today to see the King because the Royal Family is a member of everyone’s family.

‘We’ve grown up with them, we’ve been through different trials and tribulations.

‘And it was just brilliant to see everyone here today.

‘I’m an absolute addict, I follow everything that happens in the royal family.’

Asked about Harry and Meghan, she added: ‘I did have feelings about Harry being here but, recently, I thought we need to all get over it because life is too short and it is his dad.

‘I think it’s gone beyond a reunion but I think he does have a right to be here today.

‘I think Meghan made the right move staying at home. I think if she had come she would not have been made to feel welcome.’

Claire Alford added: ‘The Royal Family makes this country and the billions it brings in outweigh the cons.’

But Kathryn Pink and Laura Cicale, from Hertfordshire, had potentially the most British reaction of them all.

They joked ‘it’s the weather that brought us out’.

‘You don’t get more British than this – we’ve even got some tinnies,’ they added.

‘We’re here to get drunk – I mean, see the King…’

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