Man installs fake timetable to propose at London bus stop where he met girlfriend

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  • March 16, 2023
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A woman got an adorable surprise when her boyfriend proposed to her through a fake timetable at the bus stop they first met. 

Rory O’Keeffe, 32, came up with the elaborate idea when planning how to ask girlfriend Charlotte Amey, 33, to marry him.

The pair first properly met at a King’s Cross bus stop and exchanged numbers after briefly brushing shoulders at a mutual friend’s party months earlier. 

Rory was keen to pay tribute to their all-important chance second meeting in the proposal. 

And the timetable is still up and being spotted by commuters almost a year later.

Rory told exactly how he came up with the brilliant proposal plan.

He shared: ‘Originally I thought, “Oh, maybe I’ll build a bus stop or something,” and then realised that was ridiculous.

‘I realised I could [include the] bus stop, it’s right there, and I could use the actual bus stop.’

He enlisted the help of his Photoshop whiz friend Trav to mock up a fake timetable to go in place of the actual number 17 bus. 

The bus, which travels from Archway station to London Bridge, was swapped out with some unusual stop names in between. 

Together, it read: ‘Charlotte, seven years ago we met at this bus stop, now will you marry me?’

Rory continued: ‘Charlotte had said if you ever propose to me, it can’t be in public, which was a bit of a problem because public transport is very public. 

‘We managed to get her there at 3am on a Saturday night when there wasn’t anyone around.

‘Although initially there were a few drunk guys around at the bus stop when we first went and one of them was reading the bus stop.’

Worried one of the revellers would start reading out the bus timetable, he took Charlotte to McDonald’s before going through with his proposal. 

‘I checked the buses on my phone, and I knew once one went, it would clear everyone out and then went back to the bus stop,’ Rory said.

I went to take the bus today – this was inserted in the timetable at the bus stop…..what happened Charlotte???? 💍?? I need to know.

— Nuala McGovern (@BBCNuala) March 15, 2023

‘I said, “Oh, which bus did we get seven years ago when we met?” and started to debate with her and got her to check the timetable. 

‘While she was checking it, I got down on one knee behind her with the ring, and she saw her own name swore a lot in confusion and eventually said yes.’

The happy couple are set to marry in July this year in a ‘chilled out’ north London wedding.

However, Charlotte did have one hilarious objection to the proposal.

Rory added: ‘She was annoyed actually because I got the timetable slightly wrong.

‘That bus is supposed to go North, but our bus is technically heading south, and she didn’t like the metaphor of, “Oh, are you saying [our relationship] is heading south?!”’

The pair aren’t the first couple to be bonded by London transport, as Metro’s Rush Hour Crush celebrated its 24th anniversary this week.

The column has seen thousands of singletons text in over the years to try and link up with their commuting cuties.

It’s produced several marriages and even one baby – with another set to arrive next month.

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