Londoners could get to ‘pay as you drive’ in future Ulez replacement

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  • March 1, 2023
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Transport for London is considering eventually replacing the Ultra Low Emission Zone and Congestion Charge with a ‘pay as you drive’ model. 

The mayor of London is set to expand Ulez later this year, with hundreds of thousands more drivers facing new fees.

The upcoming £12.50 daily charge for driving vehicles which do not meet emission standards – mostly older cars – is to try and tackle air quality levels in the city.

However, TfL is currently looking at an alternative ‘pay as you drive’ model that could replace Ulez and Congestion Charge in the future. 

Evidence on the benefits of smart road user pricing was heard at a meeting of the London Assembly transport committee yesterday during a consultation on expanding the Ulez charge. 

Christina Calderato, TfL’s director of transport strategy and policy, confirmed: ‘What we really need to do is move everybody around in a more sustainable way.

‘That’s a multi-faceted approach, with investment and providing infrastructure for people to make different choices.’

She added: ‘But road user charging can be part of how you use your limited road space that we have in London most effectively.’

During the consultation, Ms Calderato said she is keen to bring in user charging ‘at the earliest possible stage’.

But she recognised the need for an ‘ongoing dialogue with Londoners’ – any formal plans would have to go to public consultation.

What a ‘pay as you drive’ model might look like isn’t quite clear, but MyLondon reports it would likely use advanced technology in modern cars ‘to calculate how far, and when and where, motorists drive.’

Information could then be stored and used similarly to pay-as-you-go phone bills.

TfL is working in line with the mayor’s strategy to get cars off the roads in the capital.

Sadiq Khan wants to cut car journeys by 27% by the year 2030. 

He also pledged that 80% of journeys in London will be made by walking, cycling or public transport by 2041. 

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