London George Floyd protests LIVE: Thousands rally outside Downing Street during Black Lives Matter demonstration

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  • June 6, 2020
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Thousands of people are rallying outside Downing Street as the outcry continues over the death of George Floyd.

Anti-racism demonstrations in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement are taking place in London, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield this afternoon.

Earlier, protesters in central London took the knee during a minute’s silence before beginning chants of “no justice, no peace”.

The crowds then began chanting “no justice, no peace” and Mr Floyd’s name.

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Police officers have contained a group of protesters around the Cenotaph in London.

A Muslim man who began to pray in the crowd near the war memorial was joined by other protesters, who knelt on the floor beside him.

Habib Mairaj, from Leytonstone in east London, said people “joined in naturally” with the prayer.

The 23-year-old said “I had my eyes closed and when I opened them there was a crowd. It was a bless moment.”

On why he joined the protest, he said it was due to the “oppression worldwide”, adding: “And to show our power as people as well, when we stand together.”


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Policewoman hospitalised after horse bolts during London protests

Evening StandardA Metropolitan police officer is in hospital after falling from her horse during the Black Lives Matter protest in London. The officer fell from her horse in London during the protests on Saturday and has been taken to hospital. Her injuries are said to not be life threatening. The horse bolted after she fell, causing chaos. However, it has since made its own way back to the nearby police stables.


Mayor of London Sadiq Khan praises protest but condemns violence


Mr Khan praised those who protested peacefully on Saturday but said people who became violent “let down the cause”.

He said: “To the thousands of Londoners who protested peacefully today, I stand with you and I share your anger and your pain.

“George Floyd’s brutal killing must be a catalyst for change worldwide.”

He added: “No country, city, police service or institution can absolve itself of the responsibility to do better.

“We must stand together and root out racism wherever it is found. Black Lives Matter.

“To the tiny minority who were violent and threw glass bottles and lit flares – you endangered a safe and peaceful protest and let down this important cause.”


Priti Patel condemns protest violence

Home Secretary Priti Patel said violence towards police at protests was “completely unacceptable” and gave officers her “full support in tackling disorderly behaviour”.

Writing on Twitter, she said: “Protests must be peaceful and in accordance with social distancing rules.

“Violence towards a police officer is completely unacceptable at any time.

“The police have our full support in tackling any violence, vandalism or disorderly behaviour. There is no justification for it.”

She added: “We have made specific enforcement powers available to them during the pandemic to help protect the entire public.”


A small ‘BLM’ written on the Cenotaph


The remaining protesters have now been kettled by police


Calls to ban police horses from protests after a riderless horse bolted into a crowd of BLM protesters


Protests have been going for over 8 hours


Clashes continue as the last few protesters refuse to go home


Majority of protesters have gone home, but some hold out

The Metropolitan Police said the majority of protesters at a Black Lives Matter demonstration have now left central London.

The force added officers are asking the remaining crowds to return home.

In a post on Twitter, the Met Events team said: “The demonstrations in Central London have been taking place since 12pm.

“The majority have now left and we require the remaining protesters to leave Whitehall and return to their homes.”


Scenes still tense at Whitehall


Mounted officers move away from Whitehall

Mounted officers appear to have moved away from Whitehall, with a line of police remaining outside Downing Street.

Officers attempting to push protesters down Whitehall were met with resistance from the crowd, with some demonstrators shouting “stand your ground” to the others.

Those at the front of the crowd put both their hands up, while one protester with a speaker played One Love by Bob Marley.


The bolted horse continued causing chaos


Small graffiti on cenotaph

Graffiti has been daubed on buildings on Whitehall, including the Cabinet Office.

A small “BLM” motif has been painted on the Cenotaph in black paint, while cardboard placards have been propped up on the war memorial’s steps.


US officers arraigned on assault charges after pushing elderly protester

Two Buffalo police officers were arraigned on Saturday on felony assault charges after a viral video showed them shoving an elderly protestor who remains critically injured after falling at a march against racism.

Officers Aaron Torgalski, 39, and Robert McCabe, 32, were part of a unit in tactical gear enforcing an 8 p.m. curfew on Thursday during the protest involving long-time community activist Martin Gugino, 75, Erie County District Attorney John Flynn said in a statement.


A flare was reportedly thrown at the mounted police horses by protesters


An NHS governor has slammed the clashes


Riot police have formed a battle line amid a tense stand-off with anti-racist protesters on Whitehall. 

The protests had been largely peaceful up until this evening when things escalated shortly after 6pm. 


Some more from the heated scenes just now between riot police and protesters on Whitehall: