Lego celebrates 100 years of the Red Telephone Box with special London set

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  • February 1, 2024
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Published Feb 1, 2024, 12:01am|Updated Feb 1, 2024, 2:14am

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One of the most recognisable cultural icons in British life is a century old this year and to celebrate there’s a special London-based Lego set.

Lego sets for adults can be based on just about anything, from bugs and insects to a recreation of the classic Japanese print The Great Wave off Kanagawa. There are lots of cars and movie vehicles too, as well as many different architecture based sets, but none quite as unique as the Red London Telephone Box.

The K2 Red Telephone Box, to give it its full name, first appeared on London streets in 1924 and quickly spread across the country and beyond. The Lego version looks as accurate as possible, with an opening door and a special light brick that illuminates the interior when you press down on the top.

The set also comes with two alternative telephones, depending on whether you want an analogue dial or digital buttons, while the scene outside includes a lamppost, flowerpots, and a cobbled street with a London street sign.

The telephone box is part of the Lego Ideas range, which are sets inspired by models that fans themselves have created. They vote for them on the Lego Ideas website and then the most popular ones are put before Lego and some are picked to become actual products, with the creator getting a small cut of the profits.

In this case it was designed by John Cramp from Leicester, who’ll also be immortalised in the set’s instruction book and on the Lego website.

The set comprises 1,460 pieces and measures 31cm high and 19cm wide. It’s £99.99 and will be available at Lego stores and the website.

It’ll be released on Friday, February 2 for Lego Insiders (which is a free sign-up here) or Sunday, February 4 for everyone else.

To celebrate the launch, Lego got comedian, and creator of The Greeter’s Guide, Troy Hawke, who demonstrated the model next to a real-life telephone box and offered free sets to those who helped him to ‘challenge British stereotypes’.

This included complimenting a stranger, demonstrating a cathartic scream, or summing up Britain in one facial expression – although there’s no photographic evidence to show what some of those expressions were.

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