In the market for a teeny tiny £70,000 parking space? Well, you’re in luck

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  • January 15, 2023
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In the market for a teeny tiny £70,000 parking space? Well, you’re in luck thumbnail

Remember the £85,000 Knightsbridge parking space that was put up for sale last year?

Well, it’s on the market again and for £15,000 less this time around.

Such a steal!

Prospective buyers will probably want a car that’s on the small side, however.

Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time getting out through anything but a sunroof.

The space, which is available for leasehold, is roughly two metres wide by five and a half metres long.

According to guidelines drawn up by the Institution of Structural Engineers and the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation, the recommended width for a parking space is 2.4 wide by 4.8m long.

Photos in the listing show a muscle car squeezed into the space, leaving barely any room for someone to exit.

The space, which is being marketed by estate agency Nicolas Van Patrick, is located in a shared garage in Knightsbridge, west London.

Patrick Alvarado, director and co-founder of Nicolas Van Patrick, said: ‘This parking space is best suited for left-hand drive cars as then you can get out unencumbered.’

In addition to the £70,000 price tag, there are additional costs, like the £369.46 per quarter service charge and ground rent of £48 per annum.

The listing reads: ‘A single allocated parking space with in a small garage which is sandwiched between Rutland Gate and Ennismore Mews.

‘The space is approximately two metres wide by 5.5 metres long, with good height.

‘With two automated gates operated by fobs, and CCTV the garage is considered to be very secure.

‘It also benefits from access to water.’

Well, be still our hearts.

Ennismore Gardens is a high-end area of South Kensington where, according to property website RightMove, the average house price is £3,050,000 .

One property in the square, a 10-bed home, is on the market for £26,750,000

Back when the parking space was being marketed for £85,000, property hunters were stunned.

One person commented: ‘Can you actually get out of that car when parked? Sunroof exit only.’

Another said: ‘How do you reverse into that space without dorking your wing mirrors?

‘And how can you reverse without them?’

A third wrote: ‘Having great fun coming back from London looking at house parking prices on Rightmove. How about £85k for this parking spot?

‘North forever.’

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