Iconic ‘Pink Gin Lady’ seen sipping rosé in the sun with a towel on her head

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  • June 15, 2020
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An iconic woman dubbed ‘Pink Gin Lady’ has been spotted out in London almost exactly one year after she was first seen drinking from a wine glass on the Tube.

The classy Londoner went viral last year for sipping pink gin as she sat on the Northern Line in an all black outfit, which was accessorised with oversized sunglasses and bejewelled flip flops and socks.

She has now been sighted once again, drinking from a wine glass by the Arsenal stadium with what appears to be a purple towel on her head. On this occasion she sported a pink top and shorts, along with the same flip flops and sunglasses as before.

Daniel O, 29, who took the photo from his flat window, said the woman was being ‘fabulous as usual’ as she soaked up the sun for around an hour.

He told Metro.co.uk: ‘She was sitting by the Arsenal stadium sign for about one hour with a classy outfit, drinking rosé from her flute and enjoying a sunny Monday morning as if nothing could bother her.’

Daniel added that he had seen her several times around the area since last year.

The woman is still yet to come forward and claim her viral fame after the photo of her on the Tube was shared on Twitter on June 20 2019.

Mark Locke, from Scotland, had shared the snap of her with the caption: ‘To the lady drinking pink gin and tonic *from a glass* on the Northern line, I salute you. Classy.’

He added: ‘On your knees, mortals. Worship. Worship at her bejewelled flip-flops-with-socks wearing feet.’

Others then re-shared the image thousands of time, while praising her for being ‘fabulous’, ‘glam’ and ‘next level’.

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