Free-climbing British man arrested halfway up South Korean skyscraper

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  • June 12, 2023
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A British man has been arrested more than halfway up the world’s fifth tallest building in Seoul while attempting to climb to the top without safety ropes.

The 24-year-old was forced to abandon his attempt on Monday when he was intercepted by the authorities at the 73rd floor of the 123-storey Lotte World Tower.

He was forced into a maintenance cradle before being taken inside the building.

The climber, wearing shorts, had been making his way up South Korea’s tallest skyscraper for more than an hour as police and fire crews gathered on the ground below.

A fire department official said the man had been taken into custody for questioning.

Police have not yet made any comment on the arrest.

In 2018, police arrested “French Spiderman” Alain Robert when he was more than halfway up the Lotte World Tower.

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Free climbers have regularly attempted to scale some of the world’s tallest or most famous buildings in recent years.

Skyscrapers used for the stunts have included the UK’s tallest building, The Shard in London, and the 48-storey Tour Total tower in Paris.