Filmmaker creates incredible stop-motion chase scenes using Hot-Wheels toy cars

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  • February 22, 2023
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A filmmaker has created incredible stop motion miniature chase scenes using Hot-Wheels toy cars.

Paul Greer spent six months creating his first stop motion film in 2013.

The director and producer, from Richmond, London, said: ‘I was walking through a Waitrose, and I saw some toy cars, so I thought, I should do something with this.’

To create his first film, Paul built a custom camera rig and used an iPhone to record the scenes.

He enlisted the help of four friends and spent up to six hours a day working on the project.

The process proved gruelling and only produced about between five and 10 seconds of footage for a day’s work.

But six months and more than 1,000 hours of work later, ‘Nitro Warriors’ was born.

The film proved a huge success.

Paul was contacted by the French video-sharing technology platform DailyMotion to create a sequel.

Soon after, Hot Wheels also reached out to him and asked him to create an advert for their toys.

Paul has now created more than 10 films and founded a stop motion studio called Vanguard Pictures.

He said: ‘I take breaks from my regular career to work on this and work solely on this.

‘It’s so all-encompassing that you need to dedicate yourself to it completely.

‘I still don’t know why I did it. It’s something that I’ve fallen into. It was mostly to have a little fun and see it how it would work out.

‘The most overwhelming thing was when Hot-Wheels came and said, “We have a lot of money, and we want you to promote out entire line of toys”.

‘I had to create and design the sets and convince all the bigwigs at Mattel.

‘I’m the most prominent person in this field now. There are others in stop motion, but I’m the most prominent person in this niche.

‘For me, the biggest reward is that there are people out there enjoying what I make.’

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