Fed up with traffic? You can now get an Uber across the Thames

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  • July 12, 2020
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Last summer, Uber launched a new service – boat rides.

However, the alternative cab ride was only available in Cambridge, during the August bank holiday. It has also been trialled as an island-hopping experience in Croatia.

Now, the boat is back – and it’s bigger than ever.

Uber has teamed up with Thames Clippers in London, offering customers a trip across the river in one of its 20-strong boats, which have been branded with the company’s logo.

So, how does it work?

It’s actually just as easy as ordering an Uber car; you simply book your journey through the app, and use a QR code when climbing aboard.

But there’s a hitch – you can’t get a ride whenever you want.

Uber boats follow a particular schedule, but are a great way to see the city and avoid traffic jams, if you’re not in a rush.

During the pandemic, the ferry has been shut – and this latest project with Uber is meant to encourage more people to use it.

The hope is that incorporating the service within the app will streamline the process and make it easier for passengers to hop on and off at their leisure.

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That being said, contactless, Oyster card payments and tickets bought at the ferry office are also fine to use.

In other travelling news, you can now move to Barbados for a year and work remotely from the beach.

Usually the island requires visas and work permits, but due to the pandemic, these sanctions have been temporarily removed.

Barbados or the Thames? Whichever option you choose, you’re guaranteed nice views.

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