Couple now have ‘trust issues’ after opening bag of crisps with nothing in it

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  • April 20, 2023
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Settling down on the sofa to tuck into a bag of crisps with the TV on is an evening well spent.

But to open one and discover there are no crisps inside… that’s no laughing matter.

This is what happened to a south London couple who now have ‘trust issues’ following their ordeal.

Naomi Mulumbala and partner Ralph got ready to chill in front of Netflix together when they discovered one pack was full of air and the other had one crisp.

Ralph had just popped to his local Tesco Express to buy the six pack of Walkers prawn cocktail.

The 31-year-old IT engineer admitted his crisp shopping habits have been rocked by the incident.

‘The next day I picked up a bag of quavers, I wasn’t risking it again,’ he said.

‘It’s left me with trust issues with my favourite flavour of crisp. When I picked up the bag of air, I was over it, it had gone too far.’

Naomi, 29, added she was ‘bemused’ by the mysteriously empty packets.

The account manager said: ‘It had just been April Fool’s Day so for a bit we were convinced this must’ve been one of Walkers promotions, but it must’ve been some ridiculous mistake.

‘People always jokingly complain about the crisp and air ratio in Walkers packets but this was taking it to an extreme.

‘We had Netflix on and whilst Ralph went to get us a snack, he started shouting my name, saying I won’t believe this.

‘He started shaking the bag and there was one crisp in there, so I started filming and when we saw one singular crisp we were in stitches.

‘When we got the second packet that was just air, we started thinking this must be a joke right? It was too good not to post online.’

Walkers has been contacted for comment.

Naomi and Ralph are not the only ones to suffer issues with their crisps.

A woman from Hull was furious at finding a paltry 21 NikNaks in her pack last year, while a man in Dorset found a ‘mutant’ crisp in his bag, which he duly auctioned off to charity.

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