Couple almost killed as huge tree brought crashing down by strong winds

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  • July 6, 2020
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This is the moment a couple narrowly escape being crushed to death as a tree topples over onto a busy crossroads in west London.

Dashcam footage shows the tree being uprooted in Ealing on Saturday afternoon as winds of 55mph were recorded in some parts of the country.

The pair can be seen walking directly underneath the tree and jolting back in the nick of time as it crashes down over the busy junction.

Andrew Thomas, 41, filmed the incident from his car while driving through the area with his girlfriend Joanna Wolman, 33.

Expressing their shock as the tree fell, they are heard saying: ‘Oh s**t! F*****g hell! Call 999.

Ms Wolman said: ‘As a person with anxiety I was shocked and scared. Seeing that couple approaching and the tree falling was so horrific for me. You can hear us swearing.

‘That pair were so lucky… a person who is constantly looking (at their) phone would be killed.’

Ms Wolman and Mr Thomas called police just after 4pm and officers informed the local council of the downed tree at the junction of South Ealing Road and Little Ealing Lane.

The Metropolitan Police said they believe no one was injured in the incident.

Health and safety manager Mr Thomas said: ‘My shock is how the tree got to that state in the first place… when were the checks of it done?

‘Surely this is the council’s responsibility to ensure the safety of the public? This case they clearly did not.’

Ealing Council’s cabinet member for environment and highways Mik Sabierssaid: ‘This mature, well established London Plane tree was last inspected in January 2020 as part of the borough’s three yearly, street tree inspection programme.

‘Several fungal brackets were recorded as being present at the base but otherwise the tree appeared healthy. It was noted for additional inspection this summer to further check on the fungal brackets and general tree health.

‘Whilst this tree appeared healthy above ground, with a full green canopy: the unexpected collapse of the tree pulled roots from beneath the footway and these were found to be decayed.

‘We will review the record of inspections to ensure a revisit of trees noted as requiring additional inspection this summer. This was a very dramatic collapse and I’m very happy that nobody was injured.’

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