Cornwall farmer slams sunseekers as he films himself spraying slurry over car parked in his field

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  • May 25, 2020
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This is the moment a farmer believed to be in Cornwall, covered a car parked in his field with slurry.

As temperatures soared this week, Britons across the country flocked to beaches and parks to soak up the sun.

Footage has emerged on social media of a farmer covering a car in slurry after it was parked in his field.

The person behind the camera can be heard making a sarcastic comment on the lack of social distancing at beaches in Cornwall.

“Beach is nice and busy today,” he says. “Everybody social distancing I suppose.

“That busy, they’ve decided to park in the field.”

The voice of a child in the truck can be heard asking “what are you going to do now?”, to which the driver replies: “I’ve nearly finished mate, I’m not stopping.”

He adds: “I hope you have as much fun washing your car as I am going to have painting it for you.”

The farmer then proceeds to coat the car with slurry.

People on social media have shared the video hundreds of times as they try to find the identity of the farmer.

But the actions of the farmer has divided Twitter users as some said he went too far.

Whitfield Benson said on Twitter the driver had gone “over the top” to coat the driver’s car in slurry.

While another Twitter user said the person who left their car in the field had “got off lightly”.

He said: “Personally I don’t see a problem with the farmer doing this, if you have the stupidity to park on someone’s property illegally then I’m afraid you deal with the consequences he got of lightly, park on my drive and you would be blocked in for many hours to come.”

It comes after an amused crane driver was filmed taunting a Londoner attempting to sunbathe.

The crane operator posted a video on social media showing himself using the front of his machine to repeatedly move its shadow over the confused sunbather.