Clapham chemical attack – live: Police discover containers with ‘corrosive’ warning in Newcastle raid

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  • February 2, 2024
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Police hunting Abdul Ezedi reveal timeline of suspect’s movements after uncovering ‘important’ evidence in overnight raids

‘We will catch him, I’m wholeheartedly confident,’ says police chief

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Police hunting the fugitive sex offender suspected of throwing an alkaline substance at a mother and her two children have discovered containers with a “corrosive” warning in an overnight raid in Newcastle.

Forensic tests are checking if the containers held the substance used during the attack against a mother and her two children in Clapham’s Lessar Avenue on Wednesday evening, which left a total of 12 people with injuries, the Metropolitan Police said on Friday.

Sole suspect Abdul Shokoor Ezedi was last seen boarding a southbound Victoria Tube at King’s Cross less than 90 minutes after the attack in Clapham, police revealed, as they published the last-known image of the 35-year-old fugitive, featuring severe burn marks down the right side of his face.

It has emerged that Ezedi was convicted of a sexual offence in 2018, before being granted asylum in 2021 or 2022 from his native Afghanistan. The 35-year-old had previously been refused asylum on two occasions but was granted leave to remain after converting to Christianity.

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Full report: Immigration row over refugee granted asylum despite sex crimes

My colleagues Holly Bancroft, Adam Forrest, and Barney Davis have the full report on today’s political backlash to revelations that the suspect in the Clapham attack was granted asylum after pleading guilty to sex offences:

Andy Gregory3 February 2024 03:59


‘Notable police presence’ on Victoria line

The BBC earlier reported that there was a notable police presence on the Victoria line on Friday evening, where police said the Clapham attack suspect was last seen on Wednesday night.

The broadcaster said that British Transport Police officers were on board trains and had a visible presence at stations such as Oxford Circus.

Andy Gregory3 February 2024 02:48


Eyewitness describes Clapham ‘acid attack’ as something from ‘The Hulk’

Eyewitness describes Clapham ‘acid attack’ as something from ‘The Hulk’

Andy Gregory3 February 2024 01:42


Ezedi ‘doesn’t let things go easily’, claims garage owner

Bilal Khan, owner of Billy’s Garage in Byker, said Abdul Ezedi had been persistent when trying to buy a car from him last summer. Mr Khan indicated that Ezedi lived in a nearby halfway house.

“He approached me last year asking if I had a car for sale. We had one which he was interested in and I told him the price. He was a very persistent type of guy – he doesn’t let things go easily,” he said.

Andy Gregory3 February 2024 00:31


Everything we know about Abdul Ezedi

The fugitive wanted in connection with the attack in Clapham on Wednesday evening is convicted sex offender Abdul Shokoor Ezedi, aged 35.

My colleagues Maryam Zakir-Hussain and Jane Dalton have this report on what is known about the suspect:

Andy Gregory2 February 2024 23:40


Tory ex-immigration minister claims asylum system ‘dangerously broken’

Former immigration minister Robert Jenrick said the asylum system was “dangerously broken” – despite the fact that he was in charge of it at the Home Office until resigning in protest over the “weak” Rwanda plan in December.

The right-wing Tory hardliner called for the home secretary to review Ezedi’s asylum case and look at “what may have gone seriously wrong”.

Mr Jenrick claimed on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I’m afraid we do see, regularly, cases of people making spurious claims of converting to Christianity, aided and abetted by often well-meaning but naive vicars and priests.”

Andy Gregory2 February 2024 22:51


CCTV appears to capture moment Clapham ‘acid attack’ unfolded

CCTV appears to capture moment Clapham ‘acid attack’ unfolded

Andy Gregory2 February 2024 22:16


Empty containers with ‘corrosive’ warnings uncovered in Newcastle raid

Metropolitan Police Commander Jon Savell told reporters outside Scotland Yard that “significant and important pieces of evidence” were recovered in searches carried out in east London and Newcastle on Thursday night.

Two empty containers labelled with corrosive warnings were found at an address in Newcastle, and forensic tests are checking if they held the substance used during the attack.

Andy Gregory2 February 2024 22:04


Ezedi put on Sex Offenders Register for 10 years in 2018

Abdul Ezedi was put on the Sex Offenders Register for 10 years after being convicted of a sexual offence in 2018 and given a suspended sentence at Newcastle Crown Court.

The Crown Prosecution Service confirmed he was sentenced on 9 January 2018 after pleading guilty to one charge of sexual assault and one of exposure.

He was granted asylum after two failed attempts, having reportedly travelled to the UK on a lorry in 2016, it is believed.

Ezedi was allowed to stay in the country after a priest confirmed he had converted to Christianity and was “wholly committed” to his new religion, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Andy Gregory2 February 2024 21:38


No 10 refuses to confirm review into how Ezedi was granted asylum after conviction

No 10 has refused to confirm there is a review under way into how Ezedi, who has significant injuries following the incident, was granted asylum after his conviction for a sexual offence.

But Rishi Sunak’s officials added: “Speaking more broadly about the system, clearly the prime minister doesn’t think foreign criminals should be able to stay in the country, putting the public at risk.”

Andy Gregory2 February 2024 21:06