Britain’s ‘politest parking note’ found on the windscreen of parked up car

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  • June 28, 2023
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Parking notes are usually littered with expletives, threats and abuse but not this one which adopts a rather apologetic tone.

Dubbed ‘Britain’s politest parking note’, it was left on the windscreen of a silver Suzuki Ignis in Bromley, south-east London.

It says the vehicle had been parked up for several weeks and was taking up too much space.

But the author adopted the classic polite British tone and said: ‘Friendly request. On-street parking in the area really is at a premium. This vehicle has taken up 1&3/4 [one and three-quarter] spaces for several weeks.

‘If possible could it be parked more economically in the bay as a courtesy to other road users. It would be much appreciated.

‘I apologise in advance if it is not drivable. Many, many thanks.’

A local said: ‘These windscreen notes are usually quite passive-aggressive. But this one is different – it might be Britain’s politest!’

Most other parking notes are threatening, just like the one a woman found in Oldham, Greater Manchester, last month.

Despite beginning with a friendly offer of a tin opener, it quickly goes into a stern dressing down – even though there are no parking restrictions on the road.

The note read: ‘Tin opener available at 81 or 83. Next time you need to leave your car for more than a couple of hours, pay for a car park and refrain from taking valuable parking spaces outside my home!!

‘Next time the can opener may not be so forthcoming.’

A picture of the note was posted anonymously by a resident on a local Facebook group who said their mother-in-law found it.

A dad in nearby Bury was recently branded a ‘c**t’ and a ‘wanker’ in an anonymous letter for parking his van on a public road.

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