‘Big cat’ spotted stalking wealthy area of North London

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  • May 26, 2020
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A ‘big cat’ has been seen in North London, sparking a police search to try and track it down.

The animal, which has not been caught, was seen in a garden around last night.

Natalie Dangoor, 24, was having dinner in the garden with her mum around 8pm when they saw what they thought was a cat’s face in their storage area.

After stamping their feet to try and scare it away it came out and they realised it looked like a cheetah.

She said: ‘It looked scared. I felt sorry for it. It came out and at that point we realised it’s not a cat. It literally looked like a Cheetah, but it was smaller.

‘It was very weird. It was scary. It kind of kept walking but it didn’t come too close.

‘We went inside and closed the door. We have a German Shepard who would have killed that kind of animal so luckily he was not outside.

‘We also have chickens in the back garden.’

She added there were suspicions it belonged to a family on Bishops Avenue, known as Billionaire’s row, but ‘no one really knows.’

The cat was seen in nearby Winnington Road garden.

Around 10-20 police cars were said to have arrived to join the hunt and helicopters were circulating the area for at least two hours.

Ms Dangoor said the police went to every house in the area and they allegedly checked the houses on Bishops Avenue.

‘The police seemed really worried – they made a huge deal about it,” she said. “It was a serious thing.’

‘It’s quite scary considering so many people are going to be in their gardens. It wasn’t harmful yesterday but everyone worries and it’s still not been caught.’

The cat, which is not thought to be dangerous, is thought to be a Serval, a wild cat that is illegal to keep as a pet, but this has not been confirmed.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: ‘Police were called at approximately 9pm on May 25 to reports of a large cat seen in a garden in Winnington Road, N2.

‘Officers attended the scene.

‘An animal expert also attended and visually assessed the cat; it was concluded the animal was not thought to be dangerous or a threat to the public.

‘The cat made off from the garden; enquiries continue to locate it.’

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