‘Aggressive’ Gospel Oak crow is attacking at least 20 people a day

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  • June 9, 2023
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A crow has launched a campaign of violence against women in Gospel Oak after it has been caught dive bombing onto residents.

Victims have come forward saying the bird keeps swooping down onto them until they surrender and run away screaming.

It has even been claimed the crow has made one woman bleed.

Residents of the north-west London borough have now been forced to to walk down Mansfield Road with an umbrella.

One victim told Camden New Journal: ‘It’s really weird. My daughter has been attacked twice. My neighbour had her cheek scratched.

‘We called Camden Council but they said there’s nothing they could do because crows aren’t pests.’

Jiyan Demirkol said: ‘We’re hearing about 20 attacks in a day. One lady came into the shop and said it attacked her three times in one day.’

Crow sympathisers have claimed the bloodlust bird is not asking for a fight, but just trying to protect a nest.

But that does not explain why the animal is only attacking women with long hair.

Cengiz Taskin added: ‘One lady got attacked in the morning on her way to work and then she got attacked again when she was coming home. She came into the shop, she was so scared. One of them was bleeding from the attack.’

The bird does get frightened off if you turn to face it, Cengiz said.

But this can prove difficult if it is attacking you from above.

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