A woman is running 2,500km dressed as a human disco ball

A woman is running 2,500km dressed as a human disco ball thumbnail

A human rights lawyer is donning a very jazzy get-up to try and raise £120,000 for charity.

Freya Morgan, 27, is running a total of 2,500km before June to help refugees and asylum seekers.

After finding out a third of people in immigration centres are on suicide watch, she knew she wanted to do something to help the charity Bail for Immigration Detainees.

They aim to end immigration detention in the UK through provision of legal advice, information and representation alongside research, policy advocacy and strategic litigation.

And Freya certainly look the part during her challenge, opting for a very shiny disco ball costume. 

She told Metro.co.uk: ‘I guess everyone just loves disco, I love a dance and I love a disco, I think it’s the most freeing thing in the world, it’s a happy place. 

‘I knew that I was happy to be cheesy and I don’t mind making a bit of a fool of myself.

‘I thought if I get up and do something positive and fun, and I’m dressed up in a big shiny disco ball everyone can see, I just know that people go for it.’

Freya officially started her campaign in January when the statistics resonated with her after being suicidal as a teenager.

With the help of her friend Aaron, who moved from India to seek asylum in Canada aged 10, they got things rolling. 

She added: ‘My friend Aaron, who’s now my co-lead on this campaign, has been amazing and he was a Tamil Nadu refugee to Canada when he was 10 and I wanted to run the idea of past him saying, “Do you think sounds like something that a human rights charity would go for?”

‘He just said, “I’ll have to get involved, I’ll have to help you do you this, it’s so important”.

‘I think both of us, our path and our experiences in life meant that we’re really passionate about it and [the charity] totally went for it.’

The last stretch of her journey will be the toughest as Freya runs the final 200km non-stop.

This will take place over 72 hours in early June from Bristol’s Clifton Suspension Bridge to Brook House Detention Centre near Gatwick.

Luckily, she has a tonne of support behind her: ‘I’m very lucky, I’ve got loads of people who want to be crew, drive the van and make sure that music is good and run with me.

‘I’m not going to be alone for any of it and I think that’s really special.’

She doesn’t quite know how well the costume is going to last either, admitting she may have to make some changes. 

Freya added: ’In terms of the actual logistics, I’m just a bit nervous about the costume if I’m honest. It’s quite heavy and covered in glass. I’m gonna have to rework bits of it.

‘Food as well, any ultra runner will tell you that the real trick is actually knowing how and when to eat so you don’t end up with a really upset tummy or running out of energy.

‘It does take some practice, I mean, at the moment running up and down hills trying to eat pasta, which is a bit of a challenge!’

You can donate to Freya’s campaign here

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