Watch man climb over Donald Trump’s ‘big, beautiful’ Mexico wall

Workers filmed the unknown man abseiling down the 30ft high steel wall in a Tiktok clip viewed over a million times.

The man, wearing a hoody, slides down the wall before sprinting and hiding in the dense undergrowth as the Spanish speaking workers look on.

The video went viral on Twitter with some people making the point that you can’t tell if the man is trying to come into the United States illegally or flee to safety into Mexico.

On the campaign trail Mr Trump even predicted this moment, saying: “I want the wall to be so beautiful because maybe someday they’ll call it The Trump Wall.

“Once they get up there, they’re in trouble there will be no way to get down. Well, maybe a rope, but…”

He reprised his Make America Great Again slogan for the 2020 campaign but official records suggested very few miles of new wall had been erected.

 In August Mr Trump said in a press conference in front of the wall: “So it’s very, very hard to get through. Very, very hard. And it made it, actually, much stronger than it would be, even if it was steel. So, inside, concrete. Inside that, what’s called “grade-A hardened rebar,” which is very hard to saw. You cannot do it very easily. But I think it’s going to be fantastic.

“And again, the big thing is that plate; that’s a big deal. We had people, they couldn’t — they couldn’t get over that. That was the thing that stopped them. They could get up to the plate, but once they got there, there was nothing to grab. So it’s called “anti-climb.” It’s been — it’s been great.”