How I Save: The ‘typical millennial’ that loves clothes shopping and buying experiences

October 29, 2020

Our weekly series How I Save invites people to take an honest look at how they handle their personal finances. Each week we ask a different person to talk us through their approach to saving, then get them to track a week of spending, including what they bought and what they paid for each purchase. […]

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Why the row over congestion charge expansion could tear London apart

October 24, 2020

In its 17 years of operation, the London congestion charge had become a relatively uncontroversial fact of life; few motorists now assert the right to travel for free into the crowded eight square miles at the heart of the capital city. But now that zone could be expanded far and wide: right out to the […]

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How to win a £1.25 million home for less than a pint

August 18, 2020

Property draws give you the chance to win a luxury home for less than the price of a London pint. We take a look at two prize pads that could be yours if luck’s on your side. Win-a-home competitions took off after the 2008 credit crunch when exasperated owners were looking for novel ways of […]

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This canal boat packs in more space than a city flat – and it’s going for £150,000

August 12, 2020

Whether to put down roots in the city or move somewhere greener, further out of town, is a dilemma many homebuyers face. When graphic designer Owain Harris and his partner, art teacher Rosie Clements-Gander, decided they wanted both the urban thrill of living in central London and the peace of wildlife-filled open spaces, they found […]

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If you’re looking for a place to rent in London, now’s the best time to strike

July 18, 2020

If you’re climbing the walls after moving back home over lockdown, you’ll want to start packing your bags – because London rents have dropped. According to SpareRoom, the UK’s average monthly room rents have fallen by 2% – and that drop is almost entirely fuelled by the fact that they’ve crashed in the capital by […]

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London high-rise offices to suffer ‘dramatic’ dent in demand, say experts

June 23, 2020

Demand for office space in City skyscrapers will be diminished even after the coronavirus pandemic is over, with experts predicting a major shift in the commercial property market. As large proportions of office workers continue to work from home and physical distancing rules mean people will be unable to cram into lifts to access higher-level […]

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