Keira Bell lawyer warns on internet coverage of transgender issues

December 6, 2020

The promotion of transgender issues on social media should be subject to safeguarding measures, according to the lawyer for a woman who brought last week’s landmark case against England’s only NHS gender identity development service (GIDS). Keira Bell, 23, who was born female, was referred to the Tavistock Centre in London, which runs GIDS, as […]

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Over 100 QCs sign petition for the Garrick Club to admit women

December 1, 2020

Over 100 QCs have signed a petition calling on members of one of London’s last remaining gentlemen’s clubs, the Garrick, to vote for women to be admitted at the club’s annual general meeting next week. The Garrick has a long association with the legal profession, and many senior lawyers are members. Female QCs who signed […]

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Not waiting for Godot: new show tackles Beckett’s ban on women

October 18, 2020

A dead man’s voice can travel a long way. In 1988, Samuel Beckett sued a Dutch theatre company for casting women in his existential drama Waiting for Godot. When Beckett died a year later, responsibility for his estate was passed down to his nephew Edward, who has since continued to throttle any production that sways […]

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Businesswoman launches legal action against the Garrick Club

September 8, 2020

A businesswoman has launched legal action against one of London’s last remaining gentlemen’s clubs, the Garrick, arguing that its men-only membership rules are a breach of equality legislation. Emily Bendell, chief executive and founder of a successful underwear brand, was looking for a members’ club earlier this year where she could meet people after work, […]

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