'Phenomenal' police dog finds knifeman hiding in Birmingham street in less than a minute

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  • July 8, 2020
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This is the moment a talented police dog managed to track down a suspected knifeman hiding by a van in less than a minute.

Police Dog Odin successfully followed the scent of a man who was suspected of stabbing someone in Stretchford, Birmingham on Saturday.

The West Midlands Police Dog Section shared bodycam footage of the hunt on Twitter.

It shows the moment a dog handler arrives at the scene to help track down the suspect after he reportedly threw a knife and ran away from a policeman who was pursuing him.

The dog handler asks: “What’s he done? Stabbed someone?”

Another officer responds: “He tried to stab someone then he’s chucked something, some kind of weapon, into a garden.”

The dog handler says “Odin, find” and the German Shepherd immediately starts guiding him through alleyways and between houses until he brings his handler to a white van where a man is hiding.

Odin barks loudly at the suspect as the dog handler orders the man to “come out now”.

After the successful find, the force tweeted: “#PoliceDog in action! Here’s PD Odin showing us just how it’s done!

“This dog is a phenomenal working dog and has proven success throughout his whole career.”

In another post the force said Odin was one of its most experienced police dogs that possesses general purpose and firearm support skills.

“He’s a star” said the police in their description of Odin.

The German Shepherd first gained fame in January after he helped find a man’s wedding ring that had been discarded after an argument.

West Midlands Police said the “hugely embarrassed” man regretted his momentary loss of temper and had been searching for the jewellery for some time.