Jon Voight brands Joe Biden 'evil' in intense pro-Trump video appeal

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Actor Jon Voight has branded Joe Biden “evil” as he called on Americans to re-elect Donald Trump.

The 81-year-old Oscar winner posted a video appeal urging US citizens to vote for Mr Trump in the presidential election, insisting “leftists” like Mr Biden “are not for the American people”.

He begins his message, uploaded onto Twitter on Friday night, by looking straight at the camera and saying: “Biden is evil.”

He continues: “Trump must win. He’s real. He will bring back the people’s trust.

“These leftists are not for the American people. It’s the biggest cover-up ever.”

Mr Voight, father of actress and UN special envoy Angelina Jolie, then goes on to call the Democratic hopeful and former VP “an extension of the policies of (Barack) Obama” which he claims “weakened America”.

“We cannot let that happen again.”

“The left are deceitful and have lied to the American people,” he continues.

“They have stripped down our mighty powers for their own ego of power to rule the nation’s economy.”

“Let us ask God to rid this horror and let us hold a candle on this land of the free and bring her back to the place where she once stood proud.”

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The rest of his message continues along a religious vein as he hails Mr Trump as a “man of integrity” who is “fighting for you and this country’s welfare”.

“The left will bring you down with their lives and destroy America.”

His Twitter appeal to the public was viewed more than 2.6 million times in less than 48 hours but his audience were not unanimous in their support of his message.

“If you think the left is lying and that Trump is ‘a man of integrity’, then you have got things so backwards that when you look up, you see the floor,” commented one user.

“And to think l used to respect this man and looked upon him as one of my favorite actors,” tweeted another.

Another added: “My heart goes out to Jon Voight’s family, this is hard to watch. I feel for you all, this will all be over soon, stay strong.”

The 81-year-old, a longtime supporter of Mr Trump has previously appeared at his campaign rallies and events.

In May he described the president as a “hero” who “will protect his country till the end, with dignity, honor, respect and love”.