Hilarious moment parents surprise family with secret twin baby

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  • July 28, 2020
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A couple from Kentucky planned a nine-month-long prank that involved hiding a secret twin baby from their family.

And this is the moment Tom Shircliff surprised his parents with a second baby.

Tom and his partner, Brianne Shircliff, chose not to tell family and friends they were having twins as they wanted to capture their “priceless” reactions.

In a video shared by Tom, his parents are sitting in the living room meeting their new granddaughter when Tom enters the room with another baby.

There’s a pause as Tom’s mother looks at the second baby in shock before she says, “that’s a real baby?”

Tom laughed at his parent’s reactions to the second newborn baby (Tom Shircliff)

Tom explains, “it’s a real baby, it’s your grandson too,” to which he mum says, “Tom always wanted twins”.

The couple’s newborns, Brinkley Hope and Ace Leo, were born on June 13.

For nine months Tom and Brianne managed to keep the secret by telling people that Brianne was “carrying more water than normal”.

Tom told LADbible: “The secret was hard to keep. We would hide extra packages that were delivered to the house. We always had to speak/talk/text as if there was only one baby girl expected.

“We wore two bracelets at the hospital for twins and would edit/crop the pictures prior to sending the pictures to family/friends so they didn’t see two bracelets in the picture.

“We weren’t allowed visitors at the hospital due to Covid-19, so we would send pictures of our little baby Brinkley until we could see everyone at home for the visitation.”

The 38-year-old business analyst said he always dreamed of having twins and that he jumped and screamed for joy when he found out his dream would be coming true.

Tom and Brianne, 37, have two children already, four-year-old Gavin and Briella Rose, aged three.

“I figured the reactions from family and friends during the big reveal of the twin secret after nine months would be priceless,” he said.

“The videos we would capture would be memories we could look at and cherish forever.”