Final moments of drill rapper, 15, filmed on Snapchat while he was brutally attacked

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  • August 25, 2020
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A man who brutally attacked a talented 15-year-old drill rapper in his final moments while it was filmed on Snapchat has been jailed.

Jordan Douherty, who performed under the name Young Valenti, was knifed to death ‘for no reason’ at a girl’s 16th birthday party at the Romford Community Centre in London in summer 2018.

Gatecrashers were thrown out of the community hall after invites to the party circulated on social media app Snapchat, and the number of people turning up got out of hand.

Jordan was chased up the road by youths after a scuffle broke out between two rival groups.

He ran but tripped and was stamped on and punched before 18-year-old Junior Nyanlembe, then 16, stabbed him twice in the chest.

The young musician managed to get to his feet despite the fatal wounds and tried to escape, but tragically fell again further up the road.

Footage of the attack was captured on a mobile phone camera and shared on Snapchat.

Killer Nyanlembe was jailed for at least 15 years after being convicted of the murder last May.

Nicholas Jalo, 18, was sentenced to four years and a 16-year-old, who cannot be named, was sentenced to three years, each for one count of GBH.

Jeremiah Idowu, and Kevin Sowemimo, both 18, denied but were convicted of joining in the attack by kicking and stamping on Jordan before and after he was stabbed.

Idowu finally appeared at the Old Bailey for sentence today after delays caused by coronavirus.

He grimaced and fixed his eyes on the floor as Judge Tom Kark handed him three years’ detention in a Young Offenders’ Institution for conspiracy to commit GBH.

Judge Kark said Idowu had played a lesser role in the violence but had still stamped on the ‘defenceless’ 15-year-old as he lay on the ground.

‘Covid-19 is part of the reason why your sentence has been delayed,’ said the judge.

‘I have to sentence you for the part you played in the attack on Jordan.

‘Jordan was just 15 when he lost his life because he was attacked by a group of young men.

‘Neither you nor Kevin took any part in the stabbing, but he was being kicked and stamped on by a group by whom he was shown no mercy and then he was stabbed by one in the group.

‘I am satisfied that you Jeremiah were part of that incident. I accept that you would not know he had been stabbed.

‘But you took part in an attack on a 15-year-old boy on the ground in which he was defenceless. He was on his own and stood no chance.’

Andrew Morris, defending, said aspiring footballer Idowu had reformed himself since the tragic ‘spur-of-the-moment’ attack more than two years ago.

‘He has stayed out of trouble. He has made himself a young man who has a future. That future he hopes will be in football. My lord has seen and heard from his coach,’ said Mr Morris.

‘If he goes into immediate custody there is a possibility that he may be preyed on. He is a quiet, shy, young man and there is a possibility he may make many criminal associates he would never have met, in custody.

‘He has kept out of trouble, abided by his curfew, and I understand that there is a [football] offer in the pipeline I’m told. There is a possibility of him beginning his football career.’

Judge Kark said that because Idowu was 18 by the time he was convicted he would serve an adult sentence.

But he added that if he had been older at the time of the attack he would have been handed six years in jail.

‘I find in your case this can be regarded as an offence of lesser harm. I don’t mean for one second that Jordan didn’t suffer great harm,’ he concluded.

‘I’m acutely conscious that this young man died in circumstances which caused grief to his family and friends.’

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