Donald Trump slams Democratic convention as 'gloomiest in history'

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US President Donald Trump slammed this week’s Democratic National Convention as the “gloomiest in American history” as he took aim at rival candidate Joe Biden‘s bid for the White House.

Speaking on Friday after the conclusion of the Democrats‘ four-day event, Mr Trump lashed out at his opponent and said where Mr Biden sees “American darkness”, he sees “American greatness”.

“Over the last week, the Democrats held the darkest and angriest and gloomiest convention in American history,” Mr Trump said in a speech to the Republican-aligned Council for National Policy in Arlington, Virginia.

“They spent four straight days attacking America as racist, a horrible country that must be redeemed.”

He also chided the Democrats for failing to address the threat from China and ensure safety in Democratic-run cities.

Mr Trump in recent speeches has drawn his own stark images of unrest and violence in US cities and has positioned himself as a defender of law and order.

But in his nomination acceptance speech on Thursday night, Mr Biden portrayed Mr Trump as someone who tries to divide Americans.

“United we can and will overcome this season of darkness in America,” Mr Biden said.

Mr Trump and the Democrats agreed on one thing, however, with both emphasising the importance of the upcoming presidential poll.

Just as the Democrats had repeatedly contended on Thursday night, Mr Trump declared: “The future of our country and indeed our civilisation is at stake on November 3.”

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Vice President Mike Pence meanwhile said on Friday that the Republican’s own national convention next week will focus on what Mr Trump has accomplished, including on the economy and with his response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Republicans plan to nominate Mr Trump and Mr Pence as their presidential and vice-presidential nominees respectively at the event.

Appearing in a series of interviews on Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, ABC, CBS and CNN, Mr Pence promised a heavy focus on GOP support for law and order and said the Democrats had failed to acknowledge violence plaguing some US cities.

“We’re going to make sure that the American people see the choice here,” he said just hours after Mr Biden and California Senator Kamala Harris accepted the Democratic Party nominations for president and vice president respectively.

Both Mr Trump and Mr Pence have blamed outbreaks of violence on a radical left, which they have sought to associate with Mr Biden and his running mate.

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Mr Trump made clear after the death of George Floyd, a black man in Minneapolis, and the protests that sprang up around the country calling for changes to policing that he sides with law enforcement.

Mr Pence said: “We don’t have to make a choice between supporting law enforcement and supporting our African American families.

“We have done both from the beginning of this administration.

“We’re going to continue to do both.”

Mr Pence, who claimed the Democrat’s convention featured “so much negativity” and “nothing but ad hominem attacks”, also promised a “great lineup of leaders” at the Republican National Convention along with a “great number of voices from all across the country to talk about what this president has done”.

Among the speakers set to appear at the event are Mr Trump, Mr Pence and first lady Melania Trump.