Comedian Elvin Mensah filmed getting ‘emergency lockdown trim’ on London train

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  • November 27, 2020
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Comedian Elvin Mensah, who styles himself as a mix of Rowan Atkinson and Eddie Murphy, has previously achieved viral fame as “that train guy” for his speed dating series on the Tube. 

Where others see a train, Mensah sees a comedy club, using London’s rail network to surprise and entertain passengers with stunts such as having a bath, holding a fake wedding, and carting an entire DJ booth on the Underground.

For his latest video, Mensah had his barber meet him on a train at Stratford Station on the way to Liverpool Street. In the footage the comedian, dressed in his pyjamas, cooly chews a toothpick under a table complete with toaster as Bill Wither’s Lovely Day plays over a speaker on the carriage.

His barber hops on at Stratford, the pair elbow bump, and he whips out a chair for the impromptu hair cut.

Staying completely deadpan throughout the actor uses his hands to mime out his request and changes the music to TLC’s classic No Scrubs to act out a full trim and shave on the train to the delight of commuters.

The clip, captioned “Lockdown ain’t stopping me getting the trim”, has been viewed 120,000 times since being posted yesterday.

The 30-year-old told the Standard: “I was trying to recreate that barbershop feel. Deadpan is my choice of comedic delivery. 

“Most people say that they would crack up if they tried it so I guess it’s a skill. I find if you can keep a straight face in an absurd situation it makes it even funnier. I’m just like having my personal barber over in my house what’s the big deal?

“I thought people were struggling to get haircuts during lockdown and what would be a creative way to do it without breaking the rules. People were subdued, then inquisitive, then confused and amused.

“A lot of people online were having a go at me for not wearing a mask but I was socially distanced and humour is good for your health too.”