Boris Johnson to self-isolate after meeting with Tory MP who tested positive for coronavirus

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  • November 15, 2020
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rime Minister Boris Johnson is to self-isolate after meeting with MPs and then being notified by the NHS Test and Trace app that one tested positive for Covid-19.

Mr Johnson must now self-isolate for two weeks but still wants to address the public and lead the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

In a leaked Wattsapp message to MP’s Mr Johnson said: “It doesn’t matter that I feel fine – better than ever-  or that my body is bursting with antibodies from the last time I had it.

“The rules are the rules and they are there to stop the spread of the disease.”

The PM met with a small group of MPs for a breakfast meeting in Downing Street on Thursday morning including Lee Anderson, the MP for Ashfield.  

The pair were pictured together appearing to be standing less than two metres apart and not wearing masks.

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds – In pictures

Mr Johnson told the paper “the bloody indicators kept going in the wrong direction” and that he kept asking himself: “How am I going to get out of this?”

He said: “It was hard to believe that in just a few days my health had deteriorated to this extent. I remember feeling frustrated. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting better.

“But the bad moment came when it was 50-50 whether they were going to have to put a tube down my windpipe.

“That was when it got a bit . . . they were starting to think about how to handle it presentationally.”

He said he was “in denial” initially about how serious his illness was, and said doctors were right to “force” him to go to St Thomas’s where he spent three nights in intensive care.

After leaving hospital he said “the NHS saved my life no question.”

Labour MP Chris Bryant criticised the Prime Minister for appearing to fail to socially distance in Thursday’s meeting.

He Tweeted: “I don’t understand. I thought England was in lockdown. What was the PM doing not maintaining a social distance with another MP? Have I missed something?”

He added: “I bet Jacob Rees Mogg decides to change the rules in the commons to allow the PM to take part in debates even though he didn’t let Tracey Crouch [An MP diagnosed with breast cancer] take part in a debate on breast cancer.”

Within minutes of Boris’ announcement the leader of House of Commons revealed he will be bringing forward a motion to allow MPs virtual participation in Parliament.